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SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i
SKU: Braille BKE1032840
This card has a white background. To the right hand side it has a pink line with blurred edges down the left hand side., To the right of this are little hearts stars, and little dots in red, green and silver foil. This makes up a border on the right...
SKU: Braille BKE37352
This cut out card opens up in to three sections. On the first section it has a white background with silver hearts and dots. At the top are the words, "Special wishes on your Diamond Anniversary." Down the left hand side is silver glitter making up...
SKU: cva10204
This embossed cut-out card has a pink background. Scattered around the card lots of hearts and strings some are embossed and some are embellished with silver foil. At the top of the card in silver foil are the words. “To a special Mum and Dad Happy...
SKU: Braille SAV023
This embossed card has an off white background. At the top of the card in embossed letters it has the words, “Congratulations on your Diamond Anniversary.” On your Diamond, is embellished with silver foil and the word Diamond has purple glitter.
SKU: Braille SAV022
This embossed card has a white background and the words,"are embossed. At the top of the page is the word,"Congratulations.” To the right of this dangling on a silver thread is a bottle of champagne. Either side are little hearts and horseshoes which
SKU: cva10205
This cut-out embossed card has a blue background. Scattered around the card are embossed and silver hearts and a few white horse-shoes. Down the left-hand side of the card is an elasticated string in silver tied three-quarters of the way up. At the top
SKU: Braille DD025
The background of this card is in powder blue, at the bottom it has a purple border with a leaf pattern in a darker purple separating the two sections is a white cord at the top of the page is a large 3d banner with the edges in purple.
SKU: Braille BGCdd046
This large golden anniversary card has a gold background and a marble effect border at the bottom of the cards. It has the words at the top on your golden wedding anniversary. The word golden is in 3D it is embellished with gold glitter black and white
SKU: Braille BGCdd045
This large 3D tactile anniversary card has an ivory background with a grey swirly pattern. In the background there are lots of hearts some in grey but the majority are in ruby red.
SKU: Braille IG19626
This card has a white background, with a pink, white and silver border to the top right and bottom left. The bottom left also has a pink and white material divider. At the top of the card it has the words in silver, especially for you on our...
SKU: Braille BW35824 Anniversay
This 3D embossed Anniversary card has a white background. The card is split in half the right hand side revealing part of the image of two glasses of champagne on the next page. At the top of the page in silver foil are the words, "with love to..
SKU: Braille BW37135
This 3D cut out card which opens up in to five sections has a white background. On the first section down the left hand side is aq real silver ribbon tied at the top. Dotted around the entire card are flowers and hearts embellished with silver foil...
SKU: Braille 3535-03-11037
This card has an off white background with lots of dotted lines swirling around the card, with little hearts dotted about...