Thanksgiving Cards

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Braille Happy Thanksgiving Autumn Leaves
SKU: Braille THG003
This Braille card has a pile of Autumn tree leaves as a background in vibrant yellows, oranges and reds. In the centre of the card in black type and done in a wavy pattern are the words, “Happy thanksgiving.

Braille Happy Thanksgiving
SKU: Braille THG006
This Braille card has a sandstone coloured background. Dotted around the card are, orange pumpkins, in orange. there are also brown leaves scattered around the card. In the centre of the card are the words, “Happy Thanksgiving in deep red.

Braille Happy Thanksgiving Leaves
SKU: Braille THG005
This card has a white background and has eleven different types of leaves in green, brown, orange, yellow and red. In the centre of the card in a dark coloured brown are the words, “Happy Thanksgiving.” The next two pages are in white and on the