Thank You

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SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i
SKU: Braille BGC942WC
This card has a white background. In the top right and bottom left corners are strands which look like long grass in silver , purple, green and blue, also, there are little purple and silver hearts. In the centre of the card in embossed silver foil...
SKU: Braille SAV3864442
This embossed card has a green polka dot background and opens out into three. The first page has a white banner with an embossed silver border. At the top, there are some red flowers. Below this in red, embossed letters, are the words, “Thank you...
SKU: Braille WWL40031
This card has rounded edges and a pink polka dot background, the card has a white border embellished with silver glitter. Scattered around the card are little stars in grey, red, green and yellow. Some of the yellow stars are raised...
SKU: Braille HS1409CASCARD2
This card has a shiny off white background. At the top right in the foreground there is a large tree in full leaf with grass and flowers at the base of the tree. To the immediate right there is a view of a field with trees. The bark and branches are...
SKU: Braille SAV035
This card has an off white background it has a top and bottom border which is embossed with the word, Thanks repeated over and over. The card is embellished with embossed flowers in yellow and pink, also there are little silver stars. The centres of...
SKU: Braille SAV3864442
This embossed 3D card has a white background and a cut-out right-hand border which follows the contours of the little colourful embossed flowers. At the top of the page there is a cut-out oblong banner revealing the next page and the words...
SKU: Braille PLE339861
This 3D card has a white background. The righthand edge of the card is cut out to match the K in Thank and the word You. At the top of the page are embossed dots in red, silver, blue and green. Below this in 3D is the word, “Thank the raised letters
SKU: Braille 305IG20057
This raised 3D card has a white background. To the right, it has a pale blue border, filled with pale blue flowers. On the left hand side of the border, it is embellished with a wavy blue glitter trim. Next to this, is a real blue ribbon...
SKU: Braille PlE33985
This 3D card has a white background. The top of the card is cut out to match the circles at the top of the card. The circles have blue, green, purple tartan there are a few more of these colourful circles dotted around the page some with a...
SKU: Braille BGCFE35401
This 3D card has a white background. On the right hand side of the card running all the way down is an embossed flower border which has the edges cut out in the shape of the flowers. The flowers have white, pink and red petals, the petals of the...
SKU: Braille bou027
This card has a brown background. Th e edges of this card are serrated. There is a large square in the centre which has a foil two-line border. Dotted around the card are stars, some of the stars are embellished with gold foil and some with silver...
SKU: HME41638
This 3D card has a white background. Also, in the background are lots of colourful stars, some are embellished with silver foil others are green in colour and some have red and blue jewel stars. Filling up the page are the words. “Just to say...