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SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i
SKU: Braille PRo 3278-1
This embossed card has a sandstone coloured background. At the top of the page in gold foil are the words, “On your Retirement.” Below this, is an embossed window frame looking out on to a green park scene. In the background, there are lots of....
SKU: Braille SAV-034
This card has a white background which is embossed with the words cheerio, also dotted around are some embossed stars and circles some of these stars and circles are coloured with red, green, purple and silver glitter. At the top right...
SKU: Braille CC631-25
This card is in yellow with a gold border that runs down the left-hand side. In the centre is a gold framed image of garden tools leaning on a shed...
SKU: Braille CC631-250
This is a white background with a pink border down the middle with a pink circle with glitter on in the centre of the circle there is a yellow vase with a red dotted ribbon and purple flowers in the vase. Next to the vase, is a cute little teddy bear dot
SKU: Braille PME10-31802
This embossed card has a ruby red background. To the left it has a raised border made up of silver and red raised dots on a grey background. To the right of this, there is a cream strip with raised red and silver squares. The rest of the card has...
SKU: Braille ME35506
This embossed card has a grey background. At the top of the page in blue foil it has the words, “Wishing you a very happy retirement.” Below this, there is a blue foil line going across the page. Under this, on the left hand side of the page...
SKU: Braille BKE37324
This embossed retirement card has a white background. Down the left hand side of the card is a border of flowers in silver embellished with silver glitter. The same border is at the top right hand of the card and the bottom right hand of the card.
SKU: Braille PZ1031942
This embossed card has a pale blue background. At the top of the page there is a border made up of embossed silver bubbles. The rest of the card has a collection of raised bubbles some in blue, pale blue, and silver. There are also overlapping circles
SKU: Braille BWM10
This card has a pink background with a yellow embossed border down the centre embellished with red foil border. At the top of the page in red foil are the words, "Goodbye and good luck." Below this is a square box with a turquoise background and...
SKU: Braille HDD42A
This 3D card has a white background. Around the edge there is a grey dotted border also dotted around the card are stars, some in gold and some in silver. The silver ones are embellished with silver glitter and some have star jewels..
SKU: Braille FE35404
This 3D and embossed card has a white background on the opening page. This page is cut out three quarters of the way down and has a large oval cut out in the centre, revealing what is on the next page. The front page has a silver embossed border at...
SKU: Braille HD04A2B
This 3D card has a brown and white background which is done to make it look like material. Down the centre of the card are eight horizontal blue lines. At the top of the page is a banner with the same background as the main card it has the words...