Mother's Day Cards

Show your appreciation for her with our brailled Mother's Day cards with a message from you in braille
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SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i
SKU: Braille M000281
Mothers day card titled to a Mum whose so sweet and a bit nutty Personalise this Mothers day card with Braille
SKU: Braille BM38544
This embossed Mother's day card has a pink background and purple trimmed fluted edges around the card. Down the left-hand side of the card is a real red ribbon tied in a bow three quarters of the way up. At the top of the page in purple foil are the wo
SKU: Braille BM38549- Mother's Day
This 3D Mother's day card has a pale blue green background. Down the left and right hand side of the card there is a floral border with red, pink and purple flowers. The flowers are embellished as well as the stems with silver glitter. There are also..
SKU: Braille BGCBM36781
This 3D cut out card has a soft pink background. It has a pink flowered border at the bottom top left and right, which is embellished with silver petals and flowers. At the top of the card in silver it has the words, “you’re like a mum to me wishing
SKU: Braille L3DMD1
3D Mothers Day card with Mummy I love You in Large Raised Floating Letters
SKU: Braille L3DMD2
3D Mothers Day card with Mum in Large Raised Floating Letters