Islamic Cards

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SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i
SKU: Braille EDF1006 Islamic
This card has a yellow background. At the bottom of the card it has patterns that make it look like a scene of green rolling hills. There are also patterns in light and dark blue. On top of this, are flowers, ferns and petals in green and yellow...
SKU: Braille BDN open F
This card has a purple background. At the top of the card in mustered are the words, "Happy Birthday". Below this is a cartoon drawing of a young lady of Asian origins.
SKU: Braille EDF 7010 Islamic
This 3D card has a white background. On the left and right hand side of the card there is a decorative border in black with red foil line with little red foil triangles. On top of this there is an outline pattern of a domed mosque in green with a..
SKU: Braille EDF 7006 Islamic
This 3D greetings card has a white background. At the top is a half moon crest with a star both embellished in silver foil. Below this in raised 3D is the word, "Eid" The letters are embellished with red foil. Underneath this in red is the word, "Muba