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SKU: Xmas sps42735
This embossed card has a living room mantlepiece as a background. At the top of the page in gold foil are the words, “To special neighbours at Christmastime.” Below this and just above the mantlepiece is a large Christmas wreath decorated with a...
SKU: Braille Xmas-PX4051NB24
This Christmas card has round corners it has a white border embellished with white glitter. The background of the main card is red. Dotted around the card are falling snowflakes embellished with silver foil. At the top of the page again in silver...
This 3D embossed Christmas card has a white background. Down the left-hand side of the card is an embossed holly tree with lots of red berries. Sticking out across the page is a large branch with three red robins. Above the red robins in gold foil...
SKU: Xmas PX40491
This 3D embossed Christmas card has a white background with an embossed red foil border. At the top of the card, there is a red foil 3D banner with white letters, it has the words, “To very special neighbours at Christmas.” Below this, is an image o
SKU: Xmas Px1614
This 3D Christmas card has a white snowy background and a white front door with a Christmas wreath. Around the edge is a two-lined border made with red foil. Also in each corner are little patterns . in red foil. At the top of the card in red...