Christmas Cards Uncle

Christmas Cards Uncle
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SKU: Braille Xmas-PX38125
This 3D cut-out Christmas card has a white background and a silver dotted border. At the top of the card in purple foil, are the words, “To a special Uncle wishing you a… Below this is an image of an elaborate front door with a snow covered porch...
SKU: Braille Xmas-42602
This 3D card has a rooftop winter scene there is a 3D image of Father Christmas walking across the snow-covered roof towards a snow covered chimney. In his left hand, he has a big green sack full of presents. In his left hand, he is carrying a...
SKU: Braille Xmas-43804
This embossed 3D card has a woodland winter scene as a background. On the right-hand side is an embossed Father Christmas with a big sack over his left shoulder and he is waving to you with his right hand. In front of him is a 3D banner in red foil with
SKU: Braille Xmas42628
This 3D embossed card has a snow-filled woodland scene as a background. To the right-hand side in the foreground is a snow-covered tree and some of the falling snowflakes are embellished in red foil. In the foreground are two embossed brown teddy bears.