Christmas Cards Daughter

Christmas Cards Daughter
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Braille Lovely Daughter At Christmas
SKU: Xmas 858
This card has a deep red background with snowflakes falling in gold foil. On the card in gold foil are the words, “for a lovely Daughter at Christmas sending special wishes, now Christmastime is here… for happiness to stay with you, all throughout...

Braille To A Very Special Daughter Christmas Tree
SKU: Braille Xmas-PX405124
This Christmas card has round corners it has a white border embellished with white glitter. The background of the main card is red. Dotted around the card are falling snowflakes embellished with silver foil. At the top of the page again in silver...

Braille Happy Christmas Special Daughter.
SKU: Xmas 854
This 3D embossed card has a red glitter banner at the top with white snowflakes and the words, "Happy Christmas to a very special Daughter. Below this is a snow-covered rooftop. In the centre is a brown back chimney. On the left of the chimney is a...

Braille Christmas Wishes Daughter
SKU: Xmas 40350-4
This card has a white embossed background made up of mistletoe and snowdrops. At the top of the card is a large Christmas wreath with holly and pine combs. At the top of the wreath is a large red bow. Across the wreath is a banner embellished...

 Braille Daughter, Santa Claus is Coming to Town
SKU: Braille Xmas-PX405124
. This embossed 3D card has a red foil border with white snowflakes. the centre of the card is white. At the top of the page is a raised 3D banner embellished with red glitter. In white at the top of the...

Braille Special Daughter Christmas Greetings
SKU: Braille Xmas-PX40469
This embossed 3D card has rounded off edges and a white background. In the four corners, there are embossed bunches of holly with red berries. At the top of the page, there is an embossed banner with holly at either end in the centre in red foil are t