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Braille Clear Plastic Braille Insert
SKU: Braille CP35
This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card you have made or one you bought from a high street shop. it's A5 in size, you can have up to 40 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert i

Braille One In A Million
SKU: open-M E26
This card has a grey and light brown horizontal striped background. The text on this card is in bronze foil, blue and white. Most of the letters are embossed. The words are, “Just for you; you’re one in a million Happy Birthday.” Also around the...

Braille Just For You On Your Birthday Red Car
SKU: Braille 50cp6712798OM
This 3D card has a white background with a brown and gold border running down both sides. Next to the border are foiled squares in blue and gold. Dotted round the card are dotted lines and stars, some in gold foil and some in brown. At the top of the..

Braille Happy Birthday Have a Fab Day
SKU: Braille OM5035499
This card has a white background with a brown border on the right top side. At the top of the page are the words, “Happy Birthday have a fab day.” Dotted around the card are stars some are embossed others are embellished with silver foil...

Braille The Daily News Happy Birthday
SKU: Braillese244
This embossed card is set out to look like the front page of a news paper. The background is in fawn with a blue border. The headlines the daily News are in yellow and blue, The word, The is embossed, the words, Daily News, have a red block background.

Braille Open Male Train
SKU: Braille me38596om
Just a little message to say, the warmest thoughts are sent your way. Happy Birthday, Train. This embossed card has a country scene as a background. It has rolling green hills and a clear blue sky. In the foreground, there is a steam train...

Braille Happy Birthday Champions.
SKU: Braille OMME331
This embossed Braille Birthday card has a white background. At the top of the card in silver foil, it has the words, “Have a very happy Birthday.” Below this is three embossed teddy bears the left-hand teddy bear has a blue shirt and is holding a...

Braille Sending You Special Birthday Wishes
SKU: Braille 50-B Male
This 3D Tactile card has a white background with a blue red and silvery blue border running down the left and right hand side the border also has green dots and dashes in the border. At the top of the page there is an orange banner suspended over...

Braille Happy Birthday Chair
SKU: Braille tum604
The background of this card is in white it has a thin blue border at the top at the bottom it has a wider blue border made up of different widths and colours of blue. Three quarters of the way up the border in the centre, is a white jewelled star...

Braille Happy Birthday Race Horse
SKU: Braille TUVM01
The main background of this image is white. At the top centre there is a blue oblong 3d box with the words, happy Birthday slightly below that is a square purple jewel to the right of that, is a small image of a sty in a field. Below this is a...

Braille Happy Birthday Watch
SKU: Braille tum602
The background of this card is in white with embossed stars dotted around. It has stripes going across the page in three shades of blue, at the bottom it has two white lines both decorated with glitter and the top one has a blue square dotted border.

Braille Specially For You Happy Birthday
SKU: Braille IT41
This card has a plain white background at the bottom of the page it has embossed border that is made up of a watch, sports car, golf ball, flip top mobile and a football.

Braille Happy Birthday Football Shirt
SKU: Braille tum601
This card has a white background to the left in silver it has the words, happy birthday running all the way up to the top. To the right of that, it has a dotted border with a long silver line, to the right of that, it has a real blue ribbon that runs...

Braille On Your Birthday Relax and Enjoy
SKU: Braille UB026619001
This card has a plain white background dotted all over the background it has silver glitter dots. Round the edge of the card is a dotted border in grey the card is embellished with Silver Star jewellery and Silver Star glitter the words on the front of.

Braille Blind Sports
SKU: Braille TUVM06
This card is split in to two it has a blue background to the left and a cream background to the right. The blue background fads as it goes up the card at the top of the page it has a 3d blue oblong with the words happy birthday in silver.

Braille Special Wishes Just For You
SKU: Braille ME38632 open M
This 3D embossed card has a large bulls eye in the centre with a silver, blue and white rings. Radiating from it is a silver two tone sun burst, which glitters as you move the card. Dotted around the card in different sizes and in blue and red are...

Braille Happy Birthday Golf Bag
SKU: Braille TUVM056
The main image in the centre of this card is a lonely man playing golf on a large golf course. To the top right it has a 3d blue oblong box with the words in silver happy Birthday. To the left of this, is a little sdquare image of a golf ball...

Braille Happy Birthday Especially For You
SKU: Braille ME36986 open M
This 3D cut out card opens up in to a concertina of three sections. The first and second section have a white background with stars dotted around in different sizes some in blue and some with gold foil. At the bottom and top of the card there is...

Braille Birthday Boy Circle with Presents
SKU: Braille TUBboy13
The background of this card is vertical lines in silver, blue, powder blue, ivory, white and gold. The silver ones are embellished with glitter. The dark blue lines have silver dots along them. In the centre of the card it has a 3d silver disc

Braille Birthday Boy Silver Star
SKU: Braille TUBboy12
This 3D Braille card is made up of colourful vertical lines comprising of dark blue, powder blue, light blue, ivory, white and gold. The dark blue is embellished with glitter. The light blue is embellished with a silver dotted line.

Braille Birthday Boy with Silver Square Box
SKU: Braille TUBboy14
This 3D Personalised Braille card has multicoloured vertical lines dark purple, powder blue, ivory, white and gold. The dark purple is embellished with purple glitter. The ivory is embellished with embossed silver dashes. In the centre of the card is

Braille Birthday Boy Circle with Stars
SKU: Braille TUBboy11
The background of this 3D card is multicoloured vertical lines containing red, aqua, blue, cream, white, gold and black. The red lines are embellished with red glitter the blue and gold lines have silver dots running through them. In the centre of the c

Braille Birthday Wishes Pub Scene
SKU: Braille OM ME39667
This Braille 3D card has a corner street pub scene as the layout. In front of the grey imposing building are sets of table and benches in wood with large red parasols. There is a bicycle leant up against the wall. The card has a gold border at the...

Braille On Your Birthday For You
SKU: open M 31800
This 3D card has a sandstone background with a green, brown and gold foil border at the to[ and bottom of the card. Just below the bottom and top border are the words, “With Best Wishes.” Which is repeated to form part of the border. underneath....

Braille Happy Birthday Golf Clubs
SKU: Braille TRADM504
The background of this card is divided in to two colours the left side is in powder blue and the right hand side is in darker blue. On the right hand side there is three dotted lines forming a border from top to bottom there is also on top of this border

Braille Wanted To Say Happy Birthday
SKU: Braille ME36990
This card has a blue sunburst effect as a background. At the top and bottom of the card, there is a multi coloured dotted border. At the top of the card in red foil are the words, “Wishing you a happy Birthday.” In the centre of the card there is..

Braille Happy Birthday Champagne Bucket
SKU: Braille TRADM501
In the centre of the card it has a big blue gift bag at the top of the gift tag it has two 3D champagne glasses in gold and two gold stars stuck to the side of the champagne glasses. To the right of the 3D tag it embellished with a silver flower

Braille Especially for you To the one I Love on your  Birthday White Labrador
SKU: Braille ME4133love
This 3D To the one I Love card embossed card has a white background with a park scene across the middle. At the top of the card is a gold raised 3D banner with a brown string coming from the ends. In gold foil are the words, Especially for you. Belo

Braille Happy Birthday Shirt and Tie
SKU: Braille TRADM502
The background of this image is in deep blue with the words at the bottom in white best wishes. At the top of the card there is a 3D blue banner with the words, happy birthday in silver. Hanging from this banner is a silver coat hanger with a belt

Braille Happy Birthday How old?
SKU: Braille BOUD63
This card has a serrated edge and a grey border. The background colour is white. Repeating across the page and down the page are the words “Who’s counting” Spacing the words are three embossed candles some with opal jewels. The words are...