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SKU: Braille EVC4
This card has a cream background with a purple border to the left off centre to the left is a real pink ribbon which runs top to bottom. Near the top of the card the pink ribbon has a cross bow tied half way down the ribbon there is a 3D foiled jewelled
SKU: Braille EVC21
The card has a white background it has a border at the bottom which is made up of horizontal lines, which are white glitter pink followed by white glitter black yellow, orange and purple it looks like a colourful zebra crossing.
SKU: Braille OF FE395
This 3D Braille Birthday card has a pink background. In the centre of the card is a large oblong banner with round edges. The banner has a white background and is embellished with drawings of roses and petals embellished with purple foil.
SKU: Braille EVC2
The card itself is decorated with lots of stars and flowers some in pink, green, yellow, pink and silver. Some of the flowers have jewels in the centre. There is a 3D banner in pink with the words in silver, happy birthday. Below this is a 3D...