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SKU: Braille 11CHAA185B
This card has a blue and green city skyline background. In the foreground there is a young geeki looking young man with ginger hair looking down with a red polo shirt grey pants and blue trainers. Stood next to him is a nerdy blonde lady with large glas
SKU: Braille 11CHAA185A
The background of this card is a Wimbledon tennis court there is a blonde cartoon character slamming a tennis ball with the look of agony on his face and his legs sprawled apart his yellow sweat band has fallen over his eyes he is wearing a white...
SKU: Braille 11CHAA188A
This card has a cartoon character of two naked older people in a double bed, both are smiling the balding man with bits of grey hair is looking affectionately at the older lady who has purple hair. The wallpaper at the back is orange and white flowers...
SKU: Braille 11CHAA184A
This card has a purple background and has purple splodges in the foreground there is a very voluptuous cartoon blonde girl with very big lips she is wearing red frilly knickers and bra, she is also wearing black fishnet stockings with a red garter at..
SKU: Braille 11CHAA184B
The background of this card is in red and white it has the words at the top have a great 21st birthday and remember� don�t hate yourself the morning after below that is a young man in a single bed with his hand hanging out with a rather dishevell
SKU: Braille 11CHAA187B
The back ground of this card is a purple bedroom with yellow curtains there is a man lying in bed with a blank expression on his face he has the white sheets pulled up to his chin the duvet is a red yellow chequered pattern. It has the words above his...
SKU: Braille 11CHAA183A
The background of this card is a bar scene at the top of the page there is a yellow banner with the words your 18 today. Leant against the bar is a young busty blonde with a very low cut top and short skirt she has a cocktail in her left hand and is hold
SKU: Braille 11CHAA183B
The background of this card is a fast food outlet with yellow and red striped roof at the top of the page it has a big yellow cloud with the words happy 18th birthday in green blue and red. Underneath that in black and yellow are the words only a bloke..