About Us

Welcome to Braille Greetings Cards. Welcome to Braille Greeting Cards! You will find lots of good quality cards here. The principle of this website is for fully sighted and visually impaired visitors to buy cards and have them Brailled or printed. Also, visually impaired visitors will know exactly what the card is and what it says. My aim is for you to buy a card and I will Braille or print your message on the card, so you can give that person the personal touch they deserve.

In my life there have been a lot of very frustrating times when I have gone into a gift shop and I wanted to get a cards for family or friends. As a visually impaired person, it%uFFFDs very frustrating having to ask the shop assistant for help before you can even consider buying the card, ss there can be hundreds to choose from. Most shop assistants soon lose interest.

The aim of my website is to describe as much of each card as possible so that visually impaired visitors to Braille Greeting Cards can look before they buy. That will make the whole card buying experience more personal to them and they can shop online with independence. Just because a person is blind doesn't mean that we have to just have plain cards! I like pretty things and quality. I hope you will find both at Braille Greeting Cards.

Even though I have been blind from the age of two, I live a normal life. I learned Braille from the age of five and I attended college and university. I have been a professional woman for 25 years now and I also run a professional voiceover website. I am very proud of what I have achieved.

Thank you for visiting Braille Greeting Cards.

Good shopping!