5th Birthday Cards

Children's  Quality Braille  Birthday Cards 3D Greeting Cards personalised with words and phrases in grade one or two Braille.

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SKU: Age-5-350
This embossed card has a blue polka dot background with a blue and white striped centre with a blue dotted border. The words on the front of the card say, “Birthday Boy, your 5 today.” At the top of the page, there is a white embossed banner...
SKU: Age-5-433
This embossed card has a sky blue background filled with white embossed fluffy clouds and rainbows. Across the top of the page in white are the words. “5 Today.” In the background of the centre of the card is a large red foil circle. On top of this.
SKU: Age-5-443
This card has a pink background and a white border which is embellished with white glitter. Down the centre of the card are the words, “your 5 today.” The words Your and today, are in red foil the number 5 has a red glitter background. There are...