4th Birthday Cards

Children's  Quality Braille  Birthday Cards 3D Greeting Cards personalised with words and phrases in grade one or two Braille.

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SKU: Age4-350
This card has a pink polka dot background, and in the centre, there is a large oval banner with pink and white stripes and a dotted border. Also around the centre, there are pink butterflies and pink flowers. Some are embossed. At the top is a...
SKU: Age4-433
This card has a white background with a green border at the top and bottom. The background of the card are lots of flower petals in green, yellow and red which are embellished with glitter. Also in the background are two balloons, one in red, and one in.
SKU: Age4-434
This card has a shiny white background and a pink border with glitter. There are many colourful balloons on the card some are red polka dots; there is a large yellow balloon in the centre with number 4 in red. Below this is the word today in pink, blue.