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Our company sells a wide range of quality greetings cards at affordable prices. We offer a unique service, where you, the customer can choose from our wide selection of greetings cards. Choose your personal message that you would like us to Braille inside the card. You also get a full description of what is in the card, the pictures, text and any verses that are in the card In Braille this is so that a visually impaired person knows not only that the card is for them but they can read the description and know all about the card. The reason why we choose 3D and tactile cards is so a visually impaired person can feel the card as well as being able to read it.

We have designed the website with visually impaired people in mind we believe that visually impaired people have the right to choose cards for their friends that's why on all our cards we print the message as well as Braille it so fully sighted and visually impaired visitors can choose a card from our selection and send it to their friends and relations with confidence.

Featured Cards and Products

This is a clear plastic Insert for putting a Braille message into your own card. its A5 in size, you can have up to 35 words in Braille. We also include 2 glue dots to stick the plastic Insert in to your own card.
SKU: EDF1006 Islamic
This card has a yellow background. At the bottom of the card it has patterns that make it look like a scene of green rolling hills. There are also patterns in light and dark blue. On top of this, are flowers, ferns and petals in green and yellow...
SKU: EDF 7010 Islamic
This 3D card has a white background. On the left and right hand side of the card there is a decorative border in black with red foil line with little red foil triangles. On top of this there is an outline pattern of a domed mosque in green with a..
SKU: EDF 7006 Islamic
This 3D greetings card has a white background. At the top is a half moon crest with a star both embellished in silver foil. Below this in raised 3D is the word, "Eid" The letters are embellished with red foil. Underneath this in red is the word, "Muba